Where Are We Now?

It’s been over a year since my last blog post.

I never had any specific intention to stop blogging, it was more I just cared less about it. At some point it had become a mundane and a reluctant task rather than something I took pleasure in and my thoughts are once it gets to that point you need to stop. So I did. The fact I had only very recently started a long-distance relationship with the man that was to turn out my Mr Right, well that may have been a minor contributory factor.

© Amlet | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

© Amlet | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

So for the update-

I’m still a struggling writer

I’m still dating Mr Right

And I’m still fumbling through life trying to figure out what I’ve forgotten from my ever growing to do list

The past week has been a little occupied with trying to work out how I’m going to sell my house, or more specifically with which estate agent. I had been of the impression they were all pretty much the same- that was a mistake.

Estate Agent One

Well I don’t know what happened with these guys. Even arranging a viewing was difficult. I had to drop a key off with the office in the end because they were not able to do the valuation at a time I could attend. Then when I got home they hadn’t left the key and I hadn’t received any phone calls. Now I have to arrange getting the damn key back!

Estate Agent Two

I had high hopes for this one, recommended by a colleague I knew they were the most competitively priced but they were also late to the appointment and sent a trainee. Now I don’t think I’m being picky but I want my house sold and I’m spending money to do so, please at the very least be on time and if you are a trainee I’d really rather not know!

Estate Agent Three

 I was actually late to this valuation- mainly because I nearly forgot I had to leave work early to get. Wendy of ‘Estate Agent Three’ was lovely, she had done her research too and then even phoned my at half 6 on Friday night to say she had emailed me the details, found my energy certificate on record and sent that across too and I could be in touch if I wanted to go ahead.

It doesn’t take a genius to know who I’ve decided to use.

So with all the estate agent screening, related house cleaning, not to mention pursuing my accountancy qualification, which is for another post I imagine, the writing is a little on the quiet at the minute. It’s still there of course, it’s like a very sweet pet dog, I need to feed it but it does follow me around a lot.


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