Three Little Writers

One of my biggest recommendations to other writers is to join a writers’ group and I am lucky enough to be a member of Words Out West. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month at Papcastle Village Hall, read some work in progress or a piece inspired by the previous month’s homework, and provide constructive feedback.

Now as you all know my writing has not exactly been fruitful recently and I will not bore you again with the reasons but alongside this I have also missed the past two meetings of Words Out West. So it was something of a mission that I would not, come what may, miss the meeting at the end of May!

It wasn’t the ideal situation, I had no writing prepared and despite repeatedly promising to myself I would get something, anything written, even in my lunch hour or while waiting in the car just before the meeting was due to start, nothing was forthcoming. I am tempted to blame this on the problem of forced creativity- having a deadline rushing towards me seemed to send the muse running!

There is something a little embarrassing about turning up to a writers’ group with nothing to read but I have done it before. The reason I still insisted on going was that after every writing group session I attend I come away feeling and inspired and it is the best thing to kick my lazy writing arse in gear!

And of course there is an additional reason I was pleased to have attended. At May’s meeting we were three little writers, only three! There are a number of causes for this- holidays mainly- but our little group needs a recruitment drive!

Are you a writer based in the Cockermouth area or no someone who is? Get in touch!


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